Sunday, February 7, 2010

Six hearts~

This afternoon, while Mother was resting and then working, and while the fellas were out working on the grain cleaner (they were able to start it up today!)... ...I decided to dig out the quilt I've been working on for the last 5 winters and to work on it some more. :) I'm making a king-sized quilt for my future home, and it's taking a long time to do it... I am constantly amazed at how our neighbor lady makes many quilts each year, and can only conclude that she either likes doing it much more than I do; has a better machine than I do; has more time to devote to quilting; and/or is way more experienced and can sew all those little pieces together a whole lot faster than I can!

Currently, I'm working on making 14 large heart blocks...

I cut out and sewed together 6 blocks today, so I have once again made a little progress on my Pansy quilt...When I started this project, I was 17 and someone started a joke then that maybe it would take me 10 years to finish the quilt. Well, I'm half way there now, and am only a little over half done with the quilt, so maybe that prediction will come true after all? Of course, when/if the Lord brings Mr. Right into my life, I'll probably have a lot more incentive to get my dream quilt finished!

How about you? Are you working on a quilt currently?


Rachel said...

Oh Cora, how lovely! This quilt is going to be magnificent when it's finished! I hope you can work on it lots more this year - can't wait to see photos of it when it's completed! I love the fabric and colour-combinations you are using, so pretty. This is going to be a heirloom quilt!

I would love to work on one as well - unfortunately I'm still learning to sew, so it will have to wait a while! :(
My mom has been wanting to make quilts for my sister and I but we have been moving around so much that there hasn't been much opportunity for needlework either -hopefully that will change this year. :)

keep well and happy stitching! :)
God bless and lots of love,

Kimberly said...

You are doing a great job. I love the colors and fabric you have picked out. For me...I like sewing the pieces together. I don't care for the hand quilting. I did quilt Daniel's quilt on my sewing machine after Whitney took a quilting by machine class and showed me how to do it. I liked that much better than doing it by hand.

Tamera said...


You're WAY busier than I am, lol. Much more time spent outside and also cooking, so that makes a BIG difference.

PLUS, I have my sewing stuff out, so I can catch a few minutes here or there.

You're doing GREAT!

Rachel said...

Oh, Oh, Oh!!!! :D LOVE it!!!! :D Everything, the pattern, the lovely! :D I admire you for working on one for your future home. That's wonderful! :D HeHe, yes, it might give you more incentive later on to work on it more. ;)I have the same problem with some of my projects...that's something I worked more on last year though. :) I started asking for things for my hopechest or supplies for that purpose. :) That way, I'm not getting "useless" things for myself. :) Hopefully, it won't take you years more to complete your lovely quilt though. :)

I haven't made a quilt yet..but I'd love to! ;) I do know enough sewing to be able to, but it takes waaaay too long to cut all those pieces out without a rotary cutter...which I don't have. ;) Which is why I have yet to begin one. So, since you use a rotary cutter, what size mat do you have? :) I want to get one, but they cost soo much, and I'm not sure what size is best to get to start with? Any suggestions? :)

Thanks for sharing! Now I know who to ask for quilting advice! ;) HeHe!

Love and Hugs!
Have a Blessed Day!

Dilvîn said...

This is so lovely Cora!
Makes me want to make one. The only quilt I have ever made turn out terrible and I don't even know if I still have it!
I like how you call "him" Mr. Right!

Rachel said...

Since you enjoy quilting, here is a free pattern site with tons of amazing idea's for quilting and sewing! :D I love it!, although, I have yet to make anything from this site. ;)

Love and Hugs!
Say "Hi" to Lady for me! ;)

Hannah said...

Wow! Looks great Cora!
No, I don't have any quilts going. I have never made a quilt before, once when I was really little I made a tiny doll quilt but I only finished the top part done =D.
I did do those quilted pot holders this fall/winter and that was fun. I think it would be nice to make a quilt sometime though. My oldest sister made me two quilts when I was younger. I will always cherish them. I still sleep with them every night =D. I miss my sister very much now that she is married, but at least I have some special quilts from her and I know she put love into every stitch!
Have a wonderful evening my dearest blogger pal and sister through Him!

Anonymous said...

What a neat design! I commend you for taking up such a task. I *want* to do a T-shirt quilt, but (as lame as it sounds) I've never made a quilt before. My sister can sit for hours and just cut up squares, but I switch projects every 15 minutes. Not the most effective for quilt-making. :)

Cora Beth said...

Thank you to all of you for your sweet comments!!!!!! You made my day! :)

I KNOW you're very busy yourself,--what with home schooling your children and raising your goats (and all those kids) and everything! :)
I may need some advice in the days ahead as I try to figure out where to go from here--now that I've finished the heart blocks...

~Rachel P.~
I'm truthfully just learning how to quilt and it is my neighbor, Tamera (who commented above) who knows a LOT about quilting! She's the one who got me started... She even gave me the cutting mat for my birthday several years ago! The mat is a nice, big one that measures 22"x34". This size is really nice for if you have long pieces of fabric you need to cut with your rotary cutter, but actually for most of the cutting, you wouldn't actually need that large of a mat.
I can't imagine trying to cut a bunch of little pieces without a rotary cutter though--so would highly recommend getting a cutter and mat if you ever decide to make a quilt! :)
Thank you so much for sharing about that website too!!! I looked at the first couple of pages already and really liked the idea of making a quilted ironing board cover...

Thanks again to everyone for your comments!

Kyrie said...

Oh Cora, I've been wanting to start quilting again SOOOO bad recently!! And this just makes me want to all the more! I am so busy with college right now that I'm afraid I won't be able to have that privalege (spelling-? my worst subject :/) for quite some time yet... :( I have started a crochet shawl though, and it feels so good to be MAKING something again!!!
Love and prayers!


Your blogger friend,


Miss Jen said...

You have inspired me, dear
to pick up my quilt squares
again!! :) Bless you.

Love~ Miss Jen

Rachel said...

Thank you Cora! :D I actually just got the new JoAnn's add in the mail...and they are having 40% off all their rotary cutter's and mats! :D So I may be able to get one soon. ;) That would be lovely! :)

And your welcome! I love that ironing board cover too! ;) This site has lot's of really great idea's and pretty patterns. :) If I could just get a rotary cutter now, it would be so much easier to work! ;) HeHe!

Love and Hugs!