Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mystery pictures~

Dear friends,
I just thought I'd let you know of two mystery pictures that are currently posted on my friends' blogs, in case you'd like to guess with me what they are... Please visit Grace and Hannah to see the mysterious pictures. :)

(My grandma painted the picture above...
Isn't it lovely and so very appropriate for this time of year in North Dakota?)


Dilvîn said...

What a lovely painting! it is very appropriate for this time of the year. Thanks for directing others to the mystery pictures,

Hannah said...

That is a lovely painting! I like winter so much, but I am starting not to wish for spring (yet) but for the maple syrup season. Making maple syrup is a favorite time of the year for me!!
Thanks for directing others to our mystery pictures!!

Kimberly said...

Oops! I left a comment about the picture on the previous post's comments. I read them the two posts together. I will again say that the picture is very nice. And ask you which grandmother painted it?

Cora Beth said...

My Bornemann grandmother painted the picture... She's still alive, but hasn't done any painting for several years now--which is sad, because I think she really has talent! She has painted many horse and cowboy pictures--along with some barns.

Cora Beth said...

Oh yes, I was also going to say that she painted the wood-stain look around the picture too, by using a plastic fork to make the grooves in the "Wood". :)

Jessica said...

What a lovely painting, Cora!

Love, Rachel*

Anonymous said...

Dear Cora,
I was wondering if you knew that, on my first Christmas in the Bornemann family, your Grandma Marly took all 3 of her daughters-in-law into her art gallery. She said that we could pick any one of her paintings as a gift from her! WOW. The one I chose was very similar to this one. However, it burnt up in our house fire several years later.
Several years after that, I saw this one and offered to buy it from Marly if she ever wanted to sell it. She didn't want to sell it so I just longed for it for a long time.
I can't even recall what made her change her mind. She decided on her own one year to give it to us after all and your papa and I were sooooooooo happy. I'm glad that you like it too as a part of my still longs to have a sleigh ride and that painting is almost like the real thing.
Wouldn't it be so wonderful to hear the sleigh bells ringing on the harnesses and go swooshing over the snow on a moonlit night? That would be so awesome!
Thanks for sharing this painting and good night my dear!