Friday, February 12, 2010

Yes, it is indeed...

Very good guessing everyone! You ALL guessed correctly what the mystery picture was--our potatoes that are prepared to grow, already... I guess I'll have to find a harder picture to post next time. :)

It was a pretty usual Friday here... My dad hauled a load of organic grain to Casselton; my mom cleaned and cooked and did odd and end type jobs that don't get done during the rest of the week; Andrew worked on his grain cleaner and had to run to town for parts; Jacob did some schoolwork and helped around the house; and I helped clean and made tortillas for our chicken enchiladas and a crumb cake for dessert. Now we're all ready for a restful weekend!

Andrew read this joke to our family tonight and I thought I'd pass it along to bring a smile to your face too... Enjoy!

Elmer says, "First, I got tonsillitis, followed by appendicitis and pneumonia. After that I got erysipelas with hemachromatosis. Following that I got poliomyelitis and finally ended up with neuritis. Then they gave me hypodermics and inoculations."

Calvin says, "Boy, you had quite a time!"

Elmer replies, "I'll say! I thought I'd never pull through
that spelling test."


Hannah said...

What has eyes that cannot see?

We had a pretty normal day here too (not an ugly normal day at all =). But this evening my sister and her family came over for pizza, so that was fun.
Oh yes, and the vet came this evening too to look at our cow Lilac. Lilac is not pregnant, but the vet did not find anything abnormal with her and thinks that she might be low on selenium. We have a lack of selenium here in Michigan so we have a mineral block that we give our animals. Most people just give their animals selenium shots but we never had. So she gave Lilac a shot of that, and I think we are going to try breeding her again in June. We'll see how that goes. Hopefully well.

That joke is funny, I think I'd be like Elmer and have a hard time spelling those words- although I do enjoy spelling very much (and math:)!

Well it is late and I'd best be off to my warm bed. I am so thankful for warm covers in all this snow and winter!

Speaking of cold, did you hear that all the states except Hawaii got snow today?

*~Virginia~* said...

awww, that is SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-D hahahaha!