Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A few random photos~

Tonight, I was looking through my February on-line photo album and found some pictures I'd never posted but took with the intentions of doing so. I'll share them with you now..............

Do you remember a mystery picture from a while back, in which I showed a long, skinny, rolled-up leaf that was red? Well, that has now turned into this:
(with another red leaf-curl on it's way to maturity.)

Here's Millie, waiting patiently for the goat milking to be through.....
Jacob playing with my Lady while the sun shines in through the patio door...
The orange cake I baked today... (My mom liked it so well she said I can make it for her birthday next year!)
Mother made a large batch of herbal salve yesterday--for our own personal use and for using on our cow's udders in place of Bag Balm....
Testing the salve for the right consistency...
And this is a picture of Andrew loading up the tip-scale that he bought for his grain cleaner a while back...

There! Now I'm caught up again. That's always a good feeling. :)
"Night by night I will lie down and sleep in the thought of God."
~quote by William Mountford


Laura said...

Hello Cora Beth!

Thank you so much for the lovely comment that you left on my blog! It was so lovely to hear from you :)
We didn't sew our dresses, but we got them off a modest formal dress website.

Thank you so much again, and I hope you are having a wonderful day!

With love,

Dilvîn said...

I had good day. I felt kind of lazy! (no books to read!:D) Winter is really getting to me and some others! :)
Coconut oil for hair,that is interesting. I have been doing nettle hair rinses. It is making my hair nice and thick and shiny. I would like to know what you found out about the coconut oil.
Oh and I wanted to tell you I made something this week that I have been trying to make for two years.
Seamless hand felted boots! I want to do a post about it but the camera is having bad issues!!!!!! :( :C
Well I better get to bed. So....
Good-night! Cora!
your friend

Cora Beth said...

Those boots sound really amazing and difficult to do! I hope your camera starts cooperating soon so I can see what they look like. :)

I haven't heard of nettle hair rinses... Do you just make a tea out of stinging nettles and then apply the tea as conditioner?

I have tried using coconut oil as a conditioner before, as I had heard of someone using it as such, but I used way too much and my hair turned really oily for about a week.... What I read yesterday and saw on some You-tube videos about it is that coconut oil is good for making your hair shiny and helping if your hair is dry.

There seemed to be a slight difference in opinion of how much oil to use and how often to apply it (some girls do it every day and some once a week), but this is what the majority of them said:
About an hour before taking a shower, you're just supposed to take a tiny little bit on your fingertips, let it melt and then run it through the bottom parts of your hair (where it's usually dry.) After about an hour, then you take a shower and wash off whatever didn't get absorbed. I'm going to try it now, as the Winter always drys my hair out on the ends... I'll try to remember to give you an update in a few weeks. :)

Dilvîn said...

Thanks Cora I'll have to try that.My hair gets dry in the winter too. I have some coconut oil.
I make a infusion of nettles. 1 oz. of nettles to one pint of boiling water. Let it set for until cool and then after washing your hair rinse it with the infusion of nettle and let your hair dry without rinsing it of.
Another good hair rinse is a infusion of oat-straw.
I am going to do that today.
Me and my sisters to another hair treatment called "Beautiful Hair Treatment" It is from the Purls website
Here is the link:


It works very well, we do it about one or two times a year.
Have fun!
Have a good day
Your friend

Kyrie said...

Nice pictures Cora!
All this talk of hair remedies is making me want to try some too! I'm trying to grow my hair out long again (it had gotten so scraggly and unhealthy that I had to have it cut quite short - for me anyway - and I am having a hard time being patient for it to grow back out long!). It used to be really thick and nice, but isn't so much anymore :(

Thank you for the nice comment Cora!


Blessings my friend!


Kyrie said...

I forgot to ask - would you mind posting the recipe for that salve? In the winter time, my hands get cracks in the skin and bleed sometimes. It's really painful, and I use Bag Balm occasionally, but I'd like to try your recipe too...



Your friend,


Rachel said...

So enjoyed this picture post! The orange cake does look good!!