Monday, July 11, 2011

Going North is an adventure!

Our former neighbor lady, Gladys (who now lives in Fargo) was back in the area yesterday and today and had some more things she wanted to give us, so all of us (except Dad, who had to run to town for some parts) hopped in Andrew's pickup and headed North to her place. When we turned West, we had to go through the couple inches of water that was running over the road, but then came to another place where the water was over the road and our neighbor was pumping it to the other side so it goes down faster. All his equipment was in the way, so we had to turn around and go around the other way. We went South a mile and then West again and, when we turned North, we had to go through 2 more spots where the water was running over the gravel road, in 1 place, it looked several inches deep. What an adventure! We're hoping the water doesn't wash the road away as it sometimes does....

I worked in town yesterday and today. Yesterday was a real adventure there as, shortly after we listened to report and headed out on the floor, the nurse gave the order to have all the residents brought to the TV room, which is in the middle of the building (it has no windows), as there was a bad storm coming and the possibility of tornadoes. We had just finished getting everyone up from their naps and wheeled them out to the TV room when the electricity went out. It stayed off for about 4 hours, which made life interesting, as the generator there does not provide enough electricity for lights in the residents' rooms or any of the bathrooms, so when we had to take someone to the restroom, we had to take a couple flashlights along so we could see what we were doing, and even then, it was a challenge! Praise the Lord though that there were no tornadoes in town. I did hear mention of one being spotted South of town, but never heard if it did any damage. The rain poured then and flooded the street outside of the building. When I looked out a window, I saw several vehicles back tires halfways under water... On the way home that night then, my van was vibrating badly whenever I went faster than 50MPH, and when I told Dad about it, he said it was most likely because all that water had washed the mud/dirt off of half the tire and now the tires were not balanced. So, this morning, according to Dad's advice, I took a garden hose to it and when I drove to town later in the day, the vibrating was all gone. :)

Another adventure this morning was when my brothers and I fixed the greenhouse roof. After one of those big windstorms, the plastic had torn a little bit, so I taped it up, but the tape eventually lost its stickiness and the plastic tore some more in these last storms we've had. Dad gave us the idea to put a couple more boards up on the greenhouse ceiling and then to wrap the plastic around the boards and screw the boards down. We did this, and now we just need to pray for no more windstorms!

That's about all the adventures of the day. I did find a new hair style (you can see it HERE) that I liked and wore to work (at the nursing home) today. A couple people said they really liked it, so I may do it more often, as I like having my hair up when I'm running around, getting really warm there.

I'll leave you with a quote now and say "Good night":

"Happiness is like jam. You can't even spread a little bit without getting some on yourself. " :)

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

What an adventurous past two days you've had!
We've only got a sprinkling of rain, and we are thankful for every drop. Here in the south, we usually suffer most from droughts.
May the Lord Jesus bless ya'll!
Your friend, Carra