Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baking and babysitting...

That's what my day consisted of. :)

This morning, after chores and dishes (we always have lots of dishes to do on Sundays, as we don't usually do them on Saturday), I made 2 sour cream raisin pies and 1 apple pie.

In the later part of the morning, I got a call from one of our neighbor ladies, wondering if I would be able to come over to their house this afternoon and watch their 3 youngest children (their oldest was going to be with his dad), as she was going to be away and her husband wanted to go out and work on putting up some hay. I agreed to go over there, whenever her husband called and said the hay was ready. I got there around 1:00 and stayed until 7:00, at which time Mr. S. and Tucker returned from the hay field to take over. The 3 little ones (ages 4, 3 and about 8 months) and I went for a walk/bike ride; the older two had fun "Watering the lawn" and splashing each other in the process!; and we played games in the house until nap time, after which followed supper time. The baby is teething now, but was very good for me, so that was nice. I had fun feeding her and getting her to show her adorable smile. :)

I arrived home just in time for chores. Jacob went and got the goats for me (they can go out in a large, weedy/grassy area now and can get quite lost), so I could milk them.

And guess what? It's thundering again!

“And I will make them and the places round about my hill a blessing; and I will cause the shower to come down in his season; there shall be showers of blessing.” – Ezekiel 34:26 KJV


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
That is beautiful. :) I love children.
Be blessed, Cora.
Love Carra

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun, full day! :) I love children. The Lord Jesus bless you and yours!

Hannah said...

I will be babysitting my friends boys this afternoon over to tomorrow afternoon and they are a wild bunch!