Saturday, July 23, 2011

Out of practice!

This afternoon, while Mother took a nap, the rest of us went downstairs and played a couple games (4 rounds a piece) of Foosball. We realized then how out of practice we are! We play a lot during the cold Winter months, but not at all recently.

Dad's cousin, Jerome stopped in this afternoon and stayed for supper, and visited a while after that. He brought back the kennels that he'd used to transport some of our geese to Jamestown for us a while back. Jerome also picked up the cattle rack (the kind that fits in the back of a pickup box) that he had bought the last time he was here. We sent him home with a couple cucumbers too. Oh, and a big round hay bale. :)

It was a lovely, quite day. We made 2 Blueberry Yogurt milkshakes (with the yogurt we made yesterday) which were very refreshing. Sadly, the doughnuts didn't last long and were gone before Jerome got here!

Tonight we watched "The Quite Man" which some friends gave to us. It was a bit on the silly side of things, but it was fun to see John Wayne playing in something other than a western...

I was very thankful this afternoon when Andrew found a way to get my pictures on my computer!!! It is late now though (we just finished our movie and family prayer time a few minutes ago), so the long picture post will have to wait for another time.

May you all have a wonderful new week, doing all that God has for you to do.~

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Good morning, Cora,
Those doughnuts really look delicious. :)

I'm glad you had a good day. Thankfully I got the weedeating done around the pasture at last, and lots of canning finished and everything. I am very blessed.

May you and your family have a very wonderful day today. And may you all be blessed. Love Carra