Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I bought a belt...

...a belt for one of our lawnmowers, that is. I purchased it in town, before heading to work at the nursing home, and that was about the most interesting part of this day!

The only other thing of interest I can think of off hand is that Mom and I picked all our chamomile this morning and plan to dry it down and then mail it to her brother for his birthday present, as he's turning 60 years old in just a couple days and he LOVES chamomile tea. :)

Outside of that, we all worked and now we're tired and ready for sleeping (actually, some of us are already doing that very thing.)

If you all would pray for my dad, that would be great, as he has a really bad backache now and bouncing around in the tractors all day long really does not help matters any! Thank you so much. Please let me know how I can pray for you/your family too... ~

Oh, there was one more interesting matter I just remembered, that being that we learned our 2nd cousin, Hristiyan just started his own blog. You can visit him at "Man of Camo." Enjoy~


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
I sure pray that your uncle doesn't read blogs! ;) it will give away his birthday present!
Chamomile. I love that tea. I haven't ever grown any though.

I will definitely pray for your dad. Backaches can be terrible. April's back is prone to pulling... it's horrible.

If you would. Please pray for our family to be able to finish the work we are doing quickly. That would help a whole lot.

May the Lord Jesus bless you sister. And thank you so much for your prayers.
Your friend, Carra

Anonymous said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth,

Lawn mower belts...that is very interesting...it is right up my alley. My commercial walk behind mower is gear driven and has belts for the blades and to move the wheels. Everyone tells me that the hydro models are better because they don't have any belts. When the grass is really wet, the wet grass does get clogged in the belts on the wheels and the wheels won't turn, so that does give the hydros an advantage. Of course, they are much more expensive...

I just wanted to thank you for your lovely comment that you left on my blog. It has been such a blessing for us that my mom came across your blog. I have enjoyed the friendship I have formed with your two brothers and we look forward to getting to know your whole family better! It seems as though our two families are very much alike in so many ways...but definitely in the most important way. We both love the Lord and strive to serve Him in all that we do.

Please know that our family is praying for your dad. My gramp has back trouble, so I know how painful that can be. It is so difficult to get work accomplished when your back is bothering you.

I'll be praying that you and your family have a wonderful day.

Your Brother in Christ,