Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New treasures...

We went on a treasure hunt today, meaning that we dug through the bags and boxes that our neighbor lady gave to us. The hard part then was to decide if we were going to keep the things or donate them to a second-hand store..... Gladys gave us several kitchen utensils; Tupperware items; glass bowls and so on, of which many are going up in the attic to add to my hope-chest corner. She also gave us her fabric scraps and sewing supplies (buttons, lace, thread, needles, pins, bias tape......), so now I have to decide which things I want to use in the near future and which can also go up in the attic. Andrew teases that, one of these days, the ceilings' just going to cave in from all the weight we have up there from the things we store! I hope and pray that he's wrong! We still have things spread out all over the living room, but we did make a lot of progress today. Now we just need to figure out a way to express our thanks to Gladys........(She says we're doing her a service, as she just wants to get rid of these things, and we can relate, as it wasn't all that long ago when we were going through the same thing with Grandpas' house, trying to get it all emptied out.) We were hoping to have Gladys for supper while she was here, but she was visiting other neighbors and then had to leave right away again. Hopefully her family will bring her back again when she has more time to visit.

Mother got our Azure order this morning, so we now once again have frozen blueberries to do things with. Blueberry muffins anyone???

Andrew went down to the Linton area today to help farmer Dave again with some haying. It still is pretty wet here, so Dad said he could go. Andrew's not back yet, but should be coming soon. I got to milk his Sally tonight. :)

Later in the day, my dad was able to rake one field of alfalfa (and nearly got stuck!) and then he baled another. He just got in the house about an hour ago for his supper and now we're all heading for bed. It was such a beautiful day!

I work in town again tomorrow, but then hope to go help our friends, the K. family (who live about an hour away) for a day or two. Sarah is so busy with their 4 little ones; a garden to tend; home schooling to do; healthy cooking to keep up with; and with being a pastors' wife, so it will be fun to go and help her again with whatever needs doing.

So, until next time dear friends, I'll wish you a good night and a good day tomorrow, doing the things that God has for you to do---be that: canning green beans; making water keifer; taking the perfect picture; preparing for corn mazes; mowing lawns; fixing cars; or making hay. :)


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
I liked your post. :) It was very nice. I know how you feel searching through things to decide what to keep. My Aunt often likes to give us things like that when we go to visit her.... much of it is often scrap material (she quilts). It is hard to look into the near future and see whether or not we will need it. :}

Thank you for your friendly prayers and blessings on the things that we're to do next. I pray you have a good two days or so ahead of you with your friend.

Be blessed... you and yours!
Love Carra

(PS. I missed your post a couple nights ago :) ! )

Laura said...

Good Morning Miss Cora Beth!

How fun to be able to sort through your newly acquire "treasures" and see what you might be able to use in the future. I always love to collect sewing notions...buttons, rick rack, zippers, and what not. These are items I always look for when we get a chance to visit the thrift store...they are so expensive if you have to buy them in a fabric store. Speaking of great finds, I just picked up a serger for next to nothing (I'm going to blog on it soon). I am so excited...it works like a charm!

Blueberries! Why that's right up our alley! We actually have a blueberry festival in August in a town very close to us (Union, Maine)...complete with a blueberry queen, pie eating contests, bake-offs...you name it! Wild blueberries grow very well along Maine's rock coasts. I always freeze several flats of them for the winter...but never enough! Maine blueberries are the small sweet kind...and nothing beats blueberry pancakes with real maple syrup!

Hope you all are having a wonderful week and that all is growing well in your garden!

Sweet blessings,
Mrs. Laura

Kristi said...

I caught that reference to water keifer! You're funny. By the way, I wondered about your strange spelling, as I've always spelled it kefir. But when I looked on the internet, I discovered other sites calling it keifer too.

"A delicious, traditional morning drink in many countries such as India is lassi, a simple drink made with fresh yogurt, water and spices. Often fruit may be blended in, such as one of India’s national favorites, mango lassi.

This same drink can be made with homemade keifer, instead of yogurt. Keifer is preferred since its unique Bulgarian bacterial culture is able to more completely digest the lactose in the milk."

That's not the first time that I have heard of kefir's connection to Bulgaria (where three of my kids were adopted). Cool, heh?

The K. Family said...

Do wild blueberries grow around your place, Cora?

Cora Beth said...

Dear friends,
I always love receiving your comments! Thank you for taking the time to write!!!

You noticed I didn't post? :) When I got home from work in town that night, the Internet was not working, so I went straight to bed for a change....

Mrs. Laura~

Congratulations on your serger! I bought one a long time ago and serged around many handkerchiefs at that time, and along seams to finish them off since then. I'm sure you will use yours a lot!

That is REALLY neat---about Bulgaria and all. :) Thank you for sharing that.
About the kefir/keifer spelling, I think the reason I keep thinking it's supposed to be spelled that way is because we have friends named "Keisters", with the KEI part sounding just like the KE in KEFIR. "Keister, Keifer,...sounds the same to me...." :) Now that you brought it up though, I think that most people (and Wikipedia) do spell it Kefir....

Krahn family~
Sadly, no. There actually aren't many berries that grow wild around here. Chokecherries can be found in old shelter belts, so they may seem wild, but they were probably planted there by hand at one time too. I've tried growing blueberries several times already, all to no avail. Do they grow there?