Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I found a melon and 2 figs...

When I went inside our greenhouse (which is now open to the elements, so doesn't seem much like a greenhouse anymore) to see how things were coming along, I discovered a rather large cantaloupe on one of my climbing melon vines, and also found 2 very small figs forming under the large, beautiful fig leaves. :) How exciting!

Mother and I spent the day cleaning; baking bread; hanging wash out on the line; pulling weeds out of the garden; researching distilled versus reverse osmosis water; and doing the evening milking. I also spent some time playing in the 2 newly arrived piano books I ordered from Marty Goetz's website!!! We enjoy Mr. Goetz's music so much, most of it being portions of the Psalms put to music.... The music he writes is so soothing and praiseful to our Lord. I highly recommend "Sanctuary" especially.

Here's a sample of his music, plus an interview of Marty, done many years ago:

The guys are nearly done now with the first cutting of alfalfa hay, just in time to start on the 2nd cutting! They needed to rake up this last field, as the wind had scattered all the windrows across the field and it looked as though they had mowed the field instead of cutting it with the mower conditioner and the MacDon header. We're thanking the Lord for lots of hay this year!

Well, the guys got home at dark and I stayed up with them while they had their supper and then we prayed together, so now I guess it's bedtime. Mother went to bed early, as she has a full day of helping people with their health concerns tomorrow.

Off I go. ~

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Good morning, Cora,
I pray all is well for you and yours. The Lord is truly merciful to us.

Thank you for sharing that music. I love Jewish music. I think though that much of it doesn't focus enough on Jesus - even the Messianic music... and I am thankful this gentleman seems to focus more on Jesus.
I borrowed a music book of Messianic Jewish songs from a friend once... and that's what I noticed in that. They didn't focus around Jesus a whole lot. So for this man to focus on Jesus is a true blessing.

I love Jesus, and I want everything I do or say to be focused on Him and Him Alone! He is my Everything.

Be blessed, you and all of yours, and praise the Lord for the hay!Alfalfa is the best! The goats do wonderfully on it. But it is very expensive here. :)
Love Carra