Tuesday, July 19, 2011


HELP! I'm being invaded by tiny black bugs of several varieties, all of them being small enough to fit through the screens on my windows. They are crawling all over my laptop currently and there are a few that try to crawl over me too. Yuck. I think I'll make this a quick post and then turn out the lights!!!

It was a very hot, miserable day here in ND. The guys made hay all day and were miserable. Mother traveled to Bismarck and did sessions most of the day. She did find time to run and get a part Dad had spoken for to fix our air conditioner. PTL!!!! I spent the day doing laundry and (gotta pause for bug flickin' here...) kept the goats watered and got the fan going in the greenhouse. I baked bread too and it rose the fastest it has in a very long time! I also did chores by myself, which was an adventure, to say the least. A cold shower felt wonderful after all of that!

Oh dear! Is that skunk scent that I smell on the breeze? (More bugs....) It most certainly is. Now I need to decide if I want to smell skunk very strongly all night, or close my windows and be terribly hot and sweaty?

I have to go. These bugs are getting to me! Hopefully they'll go back outside once I turn my computer off!

Here's hoping you're having a more pleasant night than I am at the moment! I have to wonder what PollyAnna would find to be glad about at a time like this? Hmmmm.... Be glad that, uh, I have screens on my windows so all the big bugs aren't coming in too? Also, I can be glad that I don't smell billy goat smell along with skunk aroma! :)

(More squished bugs....)


Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
Mercy! I wonder what kind of bugs they are! My.... poor you.

I'll be praying for ya'lls weather not to be too unbearable. It's been pretty hot here too. But when it's hot hot hot, it's never a good time to try to harvest hay. Even if the hay turns out nicely and it must get done. I'm always afraid of the danger of overheating doing work like that.

Well. I'm praying for you and your family to have a blessed day today (without bugs!). And I like that you added about PollyAnna. :) What a good thing to think on!

Be blessed, love Carra

The K. Family said...

We've got those little bugs here too. Only seem to come out at night when the windows are open and the lights on. Not nice! Yes, our guys have been doing hay too in this beautiful hot weather. Not easy!