Monday, July 18, 2011

Just like in Bible times...

As I drove home from work in town tonight, the road seemed to be alive and moving----there were frogs EVERYWHERE, hopping and jumping, some going one way and others going in the complete opposite direction. It reminded me of the plague of frogs in Moses' time, although I'm sure that was much worse! I actually like frogs, so had fun seeing all of them and hoped I wasn't driving over too many of the poor little things!

I'm still not able to load my pictures, and Andrew didn't know what the problem was either. Hmmmmm..... It really IS a problem when my brothers and/or Dad don't know what's wrong with something.

I picked our first cucumber this morning. :) What a wonderful treat that was to eat!

I get to be home all day tomorrow and hope to get some work done in the garden, although it sounds like it could be quite hot outside. Perhaps I'll work on laundry instead, as it won't take very long to dry the clothes on the line with all of that sunshine!

So, I'll try to get to sleep now, although it is very hot and muggy in here tonight. I have both my windows open and, thankfully, there is a bit of a breeze blowing through............

May God be with you all until we meet again (and after that too!)

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Carra - a bondservant of Jesus said...

Dear Cora,
Good morning! I like frogs too, but I never like them out where I'm driving.... I don't want to run over them either!

I pray you get a lot done today. We have a lot to do too... and it is hot already. Phew.... I'm looking forward to the cooler days of autumn! ;)

Love yours truly, Carra