Thursday, September 27, 2012

Corn harvest...

My dad started combining our corn this afternoon, after he and Jacob got some grain moved around in bins so as to be able to put the corn "on air".  Things were going well until something on the "New" used JD combine started making a peculiar noise.  It was nearly dark by that time, so I gave Jacob a ride down to the field to bring the white truck back to the farmyard and my dad brought the combine in.  I had supper ready, but the guys didn't come in for a while and, when they did, they said they'd put out some smoldering dust that was on the combine in a place where they can't figure out how it even could get a spark?  I'm so glad they smelled it!

My mom was in Bismarck all day working and just got home a couple minutes after Andrew did.  Andrew was home "Early" though (around 9:00), as they got rained out over there!  It only sprinkled a smidgen here.

I babysat again today.  We spent a good deal of time outside this morning, as it was so warm and still.  The girls took extra long naps too and, as I found out "Facing the Giants"was playing on one of the movie channels, and seeing as I haven't seen that in a long long time, I watched the whole thing before Tracy Jo woke up (as I said, they took long naps!). 

We have decided to sell most of our goats and just keep 2 for milking.  Everyone's just so much more busy than we used to be and the goats aren't getting fenced like they should and we really don't need a dozen goats to provide milk for our family.  Somebody here will haul them up to Mandan tomorrow for the dairy sale the following day.   The guys thought we should sell all the goats, but the thought of buying milk is a hard one to swallow, so I think Mom and I'll take turns doing the we mainly have been anyways.

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