Friday, September 14, 2012

Some went to Jamestown, others stayed home...

South of Jamestown, I guess it was...   All of our guys went to a huge consignment auction sale over there and came back with some "Small" stuff (meaning you could fit it in a pickup box or on Andrew's trailer).  They also bought a combine and an auger, which they'll have to get another day.   They were amazed by how many people they knew there who'd come from far and wide to attend the sale.

My mom and I spent the day cooking, cleaning, laundering, and getting caught up on paperwork/letter writing.  We also restrung several rows of sticky fly-tape in the goat barn (a very messy job!), which fills up so quickly it's unbelievable! 

AND, we spent some time haveing fun, practicing the one piano duet we may be playing over at the Alfred church next Saturday at the "Harvest of Thanks" celebration there.  Want to come hear us?  ;)  (  Everyone's welcome.~

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