Sunday, September 30, 2012


We did do a lot of work today (my dad finished combining the South cornfield; my mom and Jacob dug some potatoes and she and I made a huge fall display and also picked a lot of the tomatoes and all of the peppers; Andrew combined until about 7:00; I went out to the big dirt pile by the trench that was dug for rocks in the cornfield and brought a couple half-loads in to the yard to fill in some ruts and holes in the driveway; Jacob hauled a load of water to the cows.....) and then this evening, our friends----Lauretta, Sarena, Josephine, Thaddaeus, and Jonas came over and played volleyball for 4 hours!  Andrew, Sarena, and Jonas also did some shooting/sighting in a rifle.   It's fun having friends to play games with.  :)

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