Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ups and downs...

It was a very beautiful day, weatherwise.  It wasn't so nice though, in that my dad turned funny while fixing the combine header and now can hardly walk upright, due to hip pain.  Please pray for him.  I hope he can get in to see a chiropractor tomorrow...

Andrew just got home from a very full day of combining for Stan.  Jacob worked on the combine header a good portion of the day.   My dad (sore hip and all) went and did some baling for a farmer by Napoleon who wanted his flax baled in big squares. 

My mom and I cleaned up the kitchen (and listened to one of Mrs. Victoria Botkins' messages that a friend is loaning to us) and did some work around the house/garden.  I oiled (to keep mold from growing) some zucchini, patty-pan, acorn, and buttercup squashes and hauled them downstairs.  We made some yummy fresh carrot/apple juice in my mom's juicer.  I dug up half of the sweet potatoes I planted this Spring and peeled/cooked them.  I watered the houseplants (and my fish), as I didn't have time to do that on Friday.....Just things like that.  

Oh yes, I also registered my mom, myself, and a friend for the "Impact" class being held in Bismarck in February.  One of the teachers of this self-defense-techniques class told my mom that the classes fill up very quickly (the December one is already full), so we should preregister if we were sure we wanted to attend, so we did.   We've been wanting to take a class like this for a while now, just because it's good knowledge/skills to have.  February seems like such a long time from now, but I'm sure that the time will fly by quickly as we keep busy with the work God has for us to do! 

Yesterday was a special day, spent with so many friends in the Alfred church, friends that we hadn't seen for quite some time.  One young woman, Makayla, (who moved to Colorado 3+ years ago) came back this year for Harvest of Thanks, so it was extra special to get caught up with her, and to be blessed by her sisterly-encouragement/advice as well.    The afternoon musical program lasted more than 3 hours, and there were so many neat songs to listen to.  I think my favorite was a trombone solo, although the youth choir song was very neat as well...    My mom, Andrew, and I sang a song together and Mom and I played a piano duet.  Later, a friend took us over to give a tour of the old school building and showed how they'd redone it to make it a home/hospitality place.  It was fun to listen to music on the old Juke-Box and to play Foosball (and some of us played Ping-Pong as well).  They even have their own stage, complete with the original curtains.  :)   We were glad to have our friend, Lauretta come with us too.     The food was all very yummy, the fellowship delightful, and the sun set far too quickly........and we came home.  Thankfully, we didn't see any deer, although there was a young coyote by the side of the road when we turned onto Hwy. 34.

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