Monday, September 24, 2012

Practice, practice, practice...

That's what Jacob and I did this evening, with our volleyball.  :) 
  My parents are in Bismarck right now, as they both decided to see the chiropractor, and then had a special supper for two at the Ground Round. 

  Andrew is still combining for Stan.  He's putting in some very long days!

  My dad also took a load of our wheat up to Harvey this morning, then went to Napoleon to get parts for our combine.

  My mom and Jacob did some schoolwork.

   I dug one row of potatoes (and dug up the rest of the sweet potatoes), then it was so hot out that I washed my car to cool off.  I made a carrot cake this morning and hash browns (from scratch) for lunch.  I also pulled out the flowers that died in the big freeze. 

  And that, was how we spent our day.

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