Thursday, September 20, 2012


That's what we were today.

My dad drove up to a place near Harvey and bought a corn-head for the combine he bought at the auction last Friday.   When he got it home, he and Jacob got it hooked up to the combine and turned it on to see what all needs to be done before it will be field-worthy.  Later still, those 2 loaded the semi with a load of our Organic wheat which my dad plans to deliver up to the mill in Harvey tomorrow.

My mom was in Bismarck all day, seeing a bunch of clients and getting some supplies at Sams.  She arrived home a little after 9:00 this evening.

Andrew went over to a farmer's place (Stan N.) to start on helping him with the harvest.  Last year, Andrew ran the grain-cart for this same farmer for several weeks, and this year, he gets to drive the brand new combine instead, so he's pleased.  They're harvesting corn currently, but he'll be busy with sunflower harvest there too.  He arrived home around 10:00 this evening.

Jacob, as I said, helped my dad quite a bit, but he also helped me with some dishes and things in the house, and did the evening chores.

I spent the morning over caring for "My" little girls, then came home around 2:00 and made 2 ice-cream pails full of Pickle Pail Pickles; baked 2 apple/blackberry pies; made spaghetti and meat/tomato sauce for supper; and put away the herbs we'd dried in the dehydrators.  After supper and dishes were done, and after talking to a couple people on the phone for a while, I played piano.  :)

Tomorrow (Lord willing that we all wake up and everything ;) ) promises to be just as full.

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