Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Picking apples...

My mom came over to where I work this afternoon and helped pick the apples that Paula said she didn't want/need.  Johanna helped for a while, and sat on the blanket with Tracy Jo and ate an apple for a while, then played ball.....  Tracy Jo just sat and watched and cooed and smiled, then we took turns entertaining her when she got tired of just sittin'.  When we had all of our apples, they seemed a burden, but now that they're all put up and gone, it's nice to have apples again.   My mom finally got to meet Paula too, when she came home from work.  :)

When we got home, we juiced some of the apples for supper, then enjoyed the swiss steak and baked potatoes my mom had made for our supper.  I started some bread sponging then, as Andrew had said this morning that he'd need bread before tomorrow morning to make his lunch with....  It's rising in the pans now, so maybe it will be done when Andrew gets home from combining?

My dad and Jacob have been working on the combine again and just about have it ready to go, they think. 

Last night, my dad was the last one to get to bed, and he was just heading for bed when he looked out the patio door and saw one of our neighbors' goat bucklings on the deck.   Our neighbors came and got him right away when my dad called, even though it was late.  Then, this morning, there was another buckling in with our goat herd.  SO, they came over again.  Those goats sure can have a mind of their own at times!


Paula said...

Cora, I liked your story about the goats. Our goats have gotten to the point where they come up on the deck when we let them free range, and they try to get into the house. They seem to know when we're eating supper and don't have any reservations about begging for a treat from us! Can you tell me what kind of juicer you have? I use my Vitamix a lot for making fruit/vegetable smoothies, but haven't used a juicer before and am interested in how one works. Thanks and take care!

Cora Beth said...

Thank you for your comment, Paula! Goats are quite amusing, although we weren't too happy with them lately when they jumped up on my parents' newish vehicle and scratched the hood in several places! We are now down to 2 does (that we're milking now), so hopefully they'll behave themselves!
We LOVE our VitaMix, and have made juice in there too. My mom wanted a juicer though to take some of the pulp/starch our from the vegetables she's juicing, so she bought an Omega juicer. (Like this: It works very well and isn't all that noisy even.
Have a great day!