Monday, September 17, 2012

Ketchup OR sauce for chicken? That is the question!

I made the GAPS cookbook variation of ketchup on Friday and made the Heavenly Homemakers' ketchup recipe (first I picked a kettle-full of tomatoes, took the skins off, ground them up, then boiled the tomato sauce down and down and down until it was paste) today, and then Mom and I made a batch of fresh-from-the-garden-potato-french-fries to eat with all that ketchup.   :)  The guys said that both ketchup recipes tasted pretty much the same, and neither, sadly, tasted like "The real thing", but they did like it a lot on the chicken we also had for supper and said it almost tasted like barbecued chicken that way.  SO, I'm still on the lookout for a ketchup recipe that tastes like "KETCHUP" should.  Hmmmmm....  I wonder what they all put in that stuff?  I wonder if it's the corn syrup they put in there that makes it taste the way it does and, if that is the case, then my efforts are in vain, as I won't be putting corn syrup in ketchup I make at home.  It's just that bad for a person!

Other than that, I also baked bread today; made a pizza with white sauce/turkey/cheese on top; and we made some apple-cardamom stuffing to go inside our chicken at supper time.  I also picked a bunch of peppers and my mom saved some seeds from them and then cut up the peppers and froze them for later use. 

The guys were busy in the shop and Andrew's nearly done with his 4-wheeler project (he was driving it around today).  My dad went to town to put checks in the bank and to get some supplies/parts?  Mom and Jacob also unofficially started school today. 

It was cool outside and felt like, well, Fall.

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