Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Plum jelly it is...

I had just enough wild plums to make 6 pints of jelly.   It set up nicely with the apple pectin I used.

My dad and Jacob went to Big Iron in Fargo for most of the day.  Jacob's been wanting to go for years and years, so I was glad he felt up to going this morning!  Andrew decided to stay home and work on the 101 projects he has going....  He would have liked to have gone, but you just can't always do the things you'd like to do.   The 2 that went came home talking about a combine thats auger is so long that it has to bend over again to fold up.

Mom and I worked around the house and I picked more garden produce.  We finished the last of the apples today (we made our favorite cooked apple/walnut/coconut oil/honey mixture) and I hauled the rest of the apples that were under the tree (all mushy and yucky) to the goats and turkeys.  I picked the ripe tomatoes again, and also picked the small handful of Concord grapes that grew on one of the grapevines I planted this spring. 

My mom spent some time reading in her new "Metabolism book" (I don't remember the name of it right off hand), and we wrote out a few more invites to our Appleseed event, as we thought of more people we wanted to invite......     And, we washed/folded more laundry; got the sprinkler running in the garden and, later, the volleyball area again; cooked and ate healthy meals; and helped Andrew load the boys' snowmobile onto his pickup so he can sell it tomorrow to someone in Bismarck.

OH, and we looked at plans online for building an outhouse (for down by our shooting range).    ;)



The K. Family said...

We almost went to the Big Iron farm show too. Went one other year and sure enjoyed it. We'll have to make some plum jam too.

Cora Beth said...

The guys said there were LOTS of people there, but they did see 3 people they knew. :)

Just curious.... When you make plum jam, do you actually smash the plums to get part of the pulp in with the juice? I just made juice with the plums, then made that into jelly.

The K. Family said...

I've never actually made plum jam but now I want to! My mother-in-law makes lots of it so we eat hers! Anyway, she says she cuts the plums in half and takes the seeds out and then makes the jam with the rest of the plum, skin and all. It is really good! The skins aren't a problem at all and give it a better flavor (she says!)

Cora Beth said...

How nice to have a mother-in-law that likes to make jam. ;) Thanks for this info... All of the plums are gone here now, but hopefully I'll remember to try this next year!