Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Growing girls...

I hadn't seen my little charges (aka: Johanna and Tracy Jo) for a few days again, so it is always amazing then to see how much they've changed!   When I got to the Moch's house this morning, Johanna had just finished her breakfast and was ready to get out of her high-chair.  I lifted her out and she said to me, "Tanks Tora".  SO CUTE!   She's talking more and more each day and is now getting into the potty-training game/challenge/adventure.   Not-so-little Tracy Jo is pulling herself up on everything nowadays and ga-ga-gas a lot as well.  I was sitting on the living room floor, writing a letter to a friend this afternoon while Johanna was napping and little Tracy kept crawling over my lap or legs and wanting to play with my paper.  She's just so curious now!  And so sweet...... 

When their Grandma Patty got home to take over, it was a little after 4:00.  I went over to my friends, Lauretta and Sarena's house to take them some Appleseed brochures to hand out to friends and then, since I had a little time, I helped Lauretta make the tomatoes she'd picked into tomato sauce...visiting all the while.  We had a good talk.  I'm so grateful that God had our paths cross so we could meet and be friends!

I headed for home at supper time and helped my mom (who'd just got back from the fields not too much longer before that) get the dishes done and some bread made.  We also worked on writing notes to include with some Project Appleseed brochures we're sending out to some people we think would especially be interested.  If anyone who is reading this would like a brochure, just let me know and we'd be happy to send it to you as well.  Some of the families at camp were interested in attending, so that will be fun!

My dad was cleaning grain all day and the boys, I think, were working on hauling hay home and discing up the ground for cover-crops.  There's never a dull moment when you're living on a farm!

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