Friday, September 28, 2012

Pie for the main course and pizza for dessert! Hmmm...

'Twas a busy day, as usual.   Jacob helped my dad with figuring out what was wrong with the combine this morning (thankfully, it didn't take too long to get it in working order again), then the 4 of us loaded up all but 2 of our goats and, after an early lunch, my mom and Jacob headed over to our neighbors' place to pick up the goats they wanted to sell, and then went to Mandan, not to return home until chores time this evening.  They brought a surprise home for me (even though I'm paying for it ;)  ) 8 new fish for my aquarium.   They did other things up there as well, so I hear, and my mom was glad to have Jacob along to do a lot of the driving (she's not too fond of pulling trailers around, although she did do the driving in Bismarck).

Andrew was, like the new usual, gone all day.  He's now caught the cold Jacob had and was awfully miserable all day he said.  He has tomorrow off before going back to work on Sunday again. 

My dad (who also caught "The" cold---thankfully my mom and I have been able to avoid it, so far) and I kept the farm running.  Right after lunch, my dad emptied the white truck (which had corn on it), took the back wall off of the truck, then we both worked together (eventually we got the loader) to get the big 1,600 gallon water tank on the truck bed, strapping it into position.  My dad showed me how to use the water pump too.  He then went down to Kintyre and paid $5 to get a load of water to haul up to the cows.  The wind hasn't been blowing much lately and, consequently, the windmill hasn't been able to keep the tank full for the cows and they don't like drinking the stale water from the swamp/lakes anymore (I don't blame them!).  My dad hauled that load up, then filled another load in Kintyre.  I had said I was willing to take it up there, so he stopped in at the farm here and I took the next load up while he went to Napoleon to fill the gas cans, as we're out, once again, and will need gas for future water-hauling, possibly...   My trip was uneventful and the water-pump started for me on the 2nd pull, so I was glad about that!  It only took about 15 minutes to empty the water-tank, versus a much longer wait without the pump. 

When I got home, I rolled up my sleeves (literally, as it was quite warm and I found I did not need long sleeves) and set to work: dusting; organizing; watering house-plants; vacuuming; sweeping; scrubbing; laundering; taking the garbage out; and cooking: Chicken Pot PIE, apple/buttercup squash/brown sugar dish, and fruit PIZZA for dessert.  I wasn't able to finish the pizza until Mom got home with the cream cheese though.  :)  She did more laundry upon her arrival, plus she and Jacob did the chores.  Our poor 2 remaining goats seemed quite lost all day, wondering where all of their friends went to?

It was also a good day for the exciting event next weekend---our next Project Appleseed event!  Two more people signed up officially and several more said today that they're planning to come, so that is fun news!  So far, for teachers, we'll have our friend and Shoot Boss, Alex; our friend and brother, Andrew; and 2 people from MN that we've never met but that want to come see our range and help out.    We're praying a lot for nice weather and, so far, the days have been just lovely, so there's hope.  There's always hope.  With God, nothing is impossible!

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