Thursday, October 11, 2012

3 little girls...

Today I watched/cared for 3 little girls---"my" 2 little girls + their 1 little cousin = 3 busy girls and 1 busy babysitter (especially since they are all under 2 years old).  :)    It went well, although Johanna wasn't too fond of the idea of sharing some of her toys with her cousin.  Sharing is a good lesson to learn early in life, and I'm sure she will learn it. 

Once their grandparents arrived to take charge, I headed over for a nice chat with Lauretta and one of her sisters.  We played piano/violins for a while too, then just talked and relaxed.  It was really nice.

When I got home, I finally heard about my parents' anniversary....  They went out to supper at AppleBees, as they'd never gone there before and wanted to see what it was like, then they did a little shopping and later, (at 9:30PM) went to the theater to watch a movie that they really knew very little about.  It was called "Hope Springs" and was about a couple who had been married for 31 years and were having marriage troubles and, long story short, they went through some counseling and then renewed their marriage vows on their 32nd anniversary.    What a neat movie for my parents to see on their 32nd anniversary!!!!  They said they were the only ones in the theater room too, so it was a really neat experience for them.

Today, my brothers went to Bismarck for several reasons and came home with a vehicle that Jacob bought and is going to fix up to sell (does this sound familiar to anybody else other than me?), and a PING-PONG table!  Andrew said they also went to Scheels and bought some new paddles, as the ones that came with the used fold-up table were not in good condition.  They set it up in the shop and were playing already, so I hear.  :)

My dad worked at home on his semi and things, and my mom was busy in the house, I believe, and maybe did some health sessions for people?

It's hard to keep track of what everyone does nowadays...


Paula said...

So what your saying is you are glad that I didn't have twins? Thank you so much for the peace of mind that you bring me "Tora".

Cora Beth said... would be busier had you done so. :) I'd still work for you though! I had fun helping Grandma Dianne dress up the girls for the surprise birthday party tonight. :)
Drive safe tomorrow! Your girls (and husband too, I'm sure) will be SO glad to see you.
Hugs~ "Tora"