Friday, October 19, 2012

Clothes switching...

The boys got down our Winter clothes from the attic this afternoon, so the rest of the afternoon was spent in taking clothes off of hangers and getting them out of drawers, only to refill the drawers and hangers with warmer clothing.  'Tis the season for doing such things, I guess.  I had Andrew put a couple of boxes of things in my hopechest corner of the attic, but he said I can't put anything more there as there is absolutely no more room.  :)   "One of these days, the floor of the attic is just going to cave in", so he says.    I guess it's time to marry and have a home of my own?----OR, just quit storing things for later use....  Hmmmmm.

We cleaned the house; the boys helped me make supper this time (scalloped potatoes and sausage, sweet potato casserole, and brownies for dessert); my dad hauled grain all day long (he got up very early and left so that he could get 6 loads hauled between Hazelton and Sterling); Mom and Jacob went to Napoleon to deliver one of Dr. Mercola's "Sunsplash" machines to a lady there who wanted to buy one of the two that my mom owned (Jacob went along to install it for this lady); Andrew helped me get directions on Google Maps and I printed off a map for the trip that some girl-friends and I plan to take next weekend (I like to plan ahead and enjoy the anticipation of a great time all the longer!);  my mom did a major cleaning/reorganizing of the living room bookcases so as to fit in the new books she bought at a recent auction sale and to get rid of the ones we most likely will never read; oh, and the boys rounded up/roped Andrea's calf (who is 2+ months old now) and put her in with Sallys' calf, as Andreas's calf stole all of Sally's milk this morning and Andrew barely had enough to feed Sallys' calf! (The guys loaded up our blind cow, Andrea and hauled her to the butcher shop yesterday morning, which is why the calf was hungry and took advantage of the situation). 

It was a busy day and we're ready for a day of rest!

For those of you interested in what water kefir is and how it's made, here are a couple of links to websites I found that are helpful....  HERE and HERE.

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Dawn Bornemann said...

Daer Cora,
I'm so glad that I finally had some time to get caught up on your recent posts. Thanks for sharing the information on the health benefits of water keifer. For those who are interested, I like it better than milk keifer. Also, if you forget about it for a few days, it does NOT explode on your counter. It just gets very sour and I feed it to the animals then. In fact, I feed it to the goats and turkeys regularly and it stopped the runny stools that the very hot days seem to produce for animals. I LOVE water keifer!
Thanks for posting, Cora! I do know that quite a few people read your daily post here, even though they don't comment, so I hope that you'll continue with your daily journal post here.
Love you girl!