Monday, October 22, 2012

Counting my blessings.....

When I was done watching my little sweethearts today, I went over and visited my friends, Lauretta and Sarena and their brother.  We played music for a while (I really like when Lauretta plays the piano and then Sarena plays along with me with her violin so I can hear the way that it's really supposed to sound!) :)  Then we talked; ate pie/cake; did some Bible Trivia; looked at old pictures; listened to a violin CD; and played ping-pong. 

When I think back to last year at this time, working at the nursing home and wondering how long I'd be doing the same routine of life over and over (not that it was all boring, but a lot of it was the same thing over and over----and dealing with losing so many people who I cared for was so hard too), it seems too good to be true to be living the life I'm living now.  :)  I praise God for His blessings and answers to prayer!!!  Zach and Paula are SO good to me and are more like family than my bosses.   AND, to have little girls to watch and teach is so fun as I only helped raise boys before (AKA: my brothers).  AND, to have Lauretta and Sarena so close by---friends that share a lot of the same interests and backgrounds---is such a dream come true!  AND, I'm learning to play violin---finally.   AND, I don't have to deal with tons of paperwork for my cattle loan through FSA anymore as I transferred my loan to the local bank and they only ask for a sensible amount of paperwork.  ;)  AND, I'm going down to SD this weekend to see my forever friend, Dorena, whom I didn't see at all last year.   AND, we have a volleyball net and ping-pong table this year for extra exercise and fun!  AND, I have my own cute little car now.  :)   All of this is so different from last year at this time.  A very good different! 

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Paula said...

Amazing how life changes, when we least expect it. Thank you for the kind words Cora. We are both soooo lucky Cora to have found each other. Love and Prayers to you Tora