Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tomorrow will be BUSY!

I may not be posting until after the shoot now, because we'll be getting company tomorrow already and have so much to do before then.  I plan to "Loan" my room to some friends and sleep on the floor in my brothers' room (their beds are up in the air, so there's plenty of room!), so I won't even be by my computer for a while. 

As I said, tomorrow will be BUSY, because mom and I have lots of cooking/baking to do (we provide food for the instructors---and some others) and then there's the house to clean and the entryway to organize, meaning hauling lots of garden produce downstairs someplace.   Thankfully, our friend, Virginia plans to come help us.  Some other friends were going to come over too, but now they have other plans.....

 The guys will be busy building an outhouse down at the range, and hopefully they'll have time to put up the light my dad bought to go above our volleyball net so we can play at night without one team having the severe disadvantage of having the yardlight shining in their eyes.  :)  

SO, talk to ya'll later....

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