Friday, October 12, 2012

Ping, ping, ping, pong.

Jacob and I had some fun this morning practicing our ping-pong skills, which are pretty close to 0 (speaking for myself anyway).  Our Delzer grandparents had a table downstairs, but it sat on top of the pool table and we usually thought of pool as a more fun game to play, so the ping pong table disappeared and I've maybe played 5 games before this morning?  Maybe.  We practiced hitting it back and forth NICELY---you know, actually trying to get it to the other person instead of away from them, and we made it up to passing it over the net 39 times before goofing.  :)  Then, my dad came home and took the 2 of us on and won right away!

This afternoon, I went over to the Mochs and helped "Grandma" Dianne with the little girls, watching the 3 of them while she cleaned out her vehicle a bit and also took a needed nap.  Then, we picked out some nice clothes for the little girls and dressed them up and did their hair cute so they'd be all ready to go to a surprise birthday party that "Grandma" Dianne was taking them to in Steele this evening. 

When I got home, Mom and I cleaned the house and did some cooking and then Andrew and I did the evening chores.  The goats are producing better than they have been, possibly due to being fed some alfalfa hay now that the pasture is pretty much all eaten up.  (I milked off half a gallon from the 2 goats.)  Andrew's cow, Sally is feeling back to her old self and is giving almost 3 gallons of milk per milking, so the kitties are HAPPY!   He's going to start saving some milk for us pretty soon too so we can separate it and make our own ice cream.  Yummmmmmmy!

Andrew went to Mobridge this morning and bought 2 more 4-wheelers to repair.  I suppose we won't have room in the shop for the ping-pong table for much longer......

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