Monday, October 8, 2012

Long picture post coming up...

It has been a busy day, after we all slept in a bit, that is. 

The morning mainly was spent in getting our house/shop back in order (dishes done; tables and chairs stored away; blankets washed and hung on the line to dry; Appleseed material organized; old targets discarded; etc...).   I also decided to put my Rifleman badge on my gun-case, so I ironed it on with some double-sided sticky stuff in-between the case and the badge.  That started something I guess, because then Andrew asked if I'd put one of his badges on his case, and my mom also bought a "liberty" badge and had me iron that on hers.

The rest of the day the guys spent in the shop, finishing Andrew's transmission swap in his brown pickup and putting new airbags in the semi.  Then my dad drove the red convertible in the shop before Andrew had time to get another of his projects in there.  Ha ha ha

I cut up all of the ripe tomatoes and started a batch of tomato soup cooking.  Then, I put most of the peppers in the freezer.  I also set up our small table in the laundry room again and found a pretty mint-green tablecloth to cover it, but that was all wrinkly, so I dug out the ironing board and iron again...  My mom was pretty sore from the weekend, so she soaked in the Whirlpool, and rested a while, then did some laundry and sent out some e-mails, etc...

This evening, she had a client for a health session, so I was delegated the duty of doing the evening chores.  At least this time I didn't have to go in search of the goats like I had to this morning!   While feeding the turkeys their pailful of screenings, I heard a cow moaning.  I figured I'd best check on who it was and was glad that it wasn't completely dark yet.  Here it was Andrew's milk cow Sally, laying flat out on her side, not able to sit up.  Right beside her was a beautiful new calf!  I played with the baby briefly, then ran to get Andrew to tell him his cow was in trouble, probably with milk fever.  Andrew dug out a bottle of some liquid calcium and the tube/needle and washed that off, then all of us, except Mom, drove out to Sally.  We sat her upright and Jacob brought a big square bale to set behind her so she couldn't tip over again.  She started breathing easier right away.  My dad poked her in the right spot with the needle, then waited for all of the calcium to drain out of the bottle, into the cow.  She seemed better when we left her.   We're pretty sure the calf was born at least yesterday and that it has had its colostrum, as it was pretty perky and its navel was already drying up.  Andrew went out and checked on her again after we played a few games of volleyball and he said she was still sitting upright.  We're hoping and praying that she'll be alright....

And now, I'd best get some sleep.  I'm working on an extremely long picture post of our weekend, but that will have to wait for another day. 

Sweet dreams!

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