Thursday, October 25, 2012


This will be my last blog post...Lord willing....

...for a few days.  :)

It is uncertain whether 1 or 2 of my friends is riding along with me to the Bison, SD area tomorrow to go and visit one of the best friends I've ever had---Dorena W!   We'll be spending a few days there and then plan to return home on Tuesday.   Prayers for safe travels would be appreciated.

It's been fun planning and packing and communicating---trying to work out the details of this vacation.  Today, after getting home from work, I pressed and packed my clothes and some music books too.  Tomorrow, I want to wash my car again (it got very dirty from driving on gravel roads after it rained a few days back!); bake some pies for my family; put together a boxful of garden goodies for Dorena; pack my computer and toothbrush; and help with as much housecleaning as possible before heading out.  I've already packed my camera, so I hope to have lots of pictures to share when we return to ND!  

God be with you 'til we meet again.~ 

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Rachel said...

Whew! Don't scare me like that...I thought at first you were saying this would be y9our last blog post for good! So glad I was mistaken! :D

Ooh, as soon as Jessica and I get back from our trip, you head out for one of your own! I see we shall just have to swap travel/update emails when you get back. ;) Hehe. Love you so much my dear friend - praying for the Lord's protection and safety for you as you travel and that you will have a marvelous and refreshing time with your friends! :D

Blessings my sweet!
Love and Hugs!!