Monday, October 15, 2012

I pulled 2 girls... their little red wagon down the gravel road a piece.   They played with their bubble wands all the while, or else laughed at the dogs running beside and in front of us.  The girls were happy today, the weather was gorgeous, and life is good. 

My mom and Jacob dug up the rest of the potatoes and carrots and hauled them into the house, so the garden is officially closed for the year.  :) 

Andrew got home around 10:00 tonight after combining sunflowers all day for Stan.  My dad is now hauling sunflowers for Stan as well.  In fact, he just took off from home a little while ago to drive over to Enderlin and will spend the night there in his truck as he hopes to get through the line quickly in the morning and get another load over there before they switch to only taking a different kind of sunflowers for the rest of the week.  If you read this in the next 2 hours, you can join us in praying for safe travels for him.   It's been a long day already.   We sent along a yummy breakfast----homemade granola with homemade yogurt and strawberries from Azure, so that should be a nice thing to wake up to.~

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Paula said...

Yes Cora, Life is Good!