Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Happy anniversary... my parents!  They're still in Bismarck, as they went out for supper and then went to see a movie.  :)  I'm sure they're having a nice time.

I don't know what the boys kept themselves busy with today (outside of going to Jamestown to buy another 4-wheeler to work on), but I was over caring for Johanna and Tracy Jo from about 11:00AM to a little after 8:30PM.  They're so much fun.  Their mama left for a meeting in Nebraska shortly after I got there and their dad was over in the Fargo area buying something for the farm, so that's why it was a later day.

I thought I'd give a little update on Sally, Andrew's milk cow:  She wasn't standing by the next morning after we gave her that calcium, so Andrew had the vet come out and he gave her a cal/phos mix via IV and after a few hours, she got up and is doing better now.  It must have been milk fever she was dealing with.  Andrew pulled her calf off of her right away and has been feeding him goats' milk until Sally is well enough to be milked...  She was in pretty sorry shape there for a while.  We're all so glad she's on the mend!


Kimberly said...

I am glad that Sally is doing better. It's good that you have those few goats to help feed Sally's calf. I suppose you are looking forward to fresh cow milk again. It would be nice to have healthy raw milk. The pictures of the girls you watch sure were cute on FB! I'm glad for you that you have such a good job.

Dawn Bornemann said...

Dearest Cora,
I agree with everything that Kimberly said here--like usual! :)
I am so very happy to see you so happy with your little charges. I could just feel the blessing that you are to the M. family as I pondered the mom heading off for Nebraska and the dad in Fargo. They have such perfect faith in your care of their girls that they feel like they can wander that far from home! What an unspoken compliment this is of your care for their little gems. Good job, Cora dearest!! I am proud of you!
Keep up the good work!!!!
Love you bunches and bunches!!!!