Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Harvest completed!

Yes, God allowed the machinery to all hold together so my dad and Jacob could combine today and they finished the corn this evening, thus the harvest is done!  :)   

Andrew also completed corn harvest over at Stans' today and has a few days break before he starts driving combine for him again during sunflower harvest.   

There's some talk of possible snow tomorrow!!!  Can you believe it?  This is just the beginning of October....  We're praying over and over for nice weather for this weekend.  We don't want people freezing to the ground while shooting!

I wasn't feeling well at all today, so stayed home from my job and pretty much rested all day.  I did help Jacob get the water tank off of the white truck and put the box-ends back on, and we moved the volleyball net back to where it belonged after we'd moved it under the yardlight the other night so we could play in the dark, but that's about all. 

My mom and Andrew went to a meeting in Linton this evening.....   Something about County Commissioners wanting to raise our property taxes by nearly 8 percent so the county can afford a new police car and hire a couple more policemen? 

It's been fun to keep checking the Appleseed website to see if anyone else has registered and yes, there were 3 more people who registered today.  Also, at the meeting tonight, Mom and Andrew talked to 3 more people who may come and my dad also talked to someone today who may stop by in the evening anyway to join in the fun then...


The K. Family said...

I wish we could come to your Appleseed shoot. Someday we'll come or else have one here and you all can come this way. Glad to hear your harvest is done and went good. What a great feeling to have the fields harvested and the garden in. Other than the snow, that we'll get as well, there should be time to plow the fields up yet this fall.

Cora Beth said...

I wish you could come too! We do plan to host several Appleseeds next year though, now that we have our permanent range spot set up (and soon we'll have our very own outhouse built out there too ;) ). If your family hosts an Appleseed though (at a different time than we do!), there would be a good chance that we'd come your way--especially since Andrew is an instructor-in-training and could get some more practice in there....

Yes, it is so good to have the crops in and almost all of the garden produce too (we still have some carrots, potatoes and beets out there, but they like the cold). :)

I hope you're able to get all the field work done this Fall yet, as soon as the white stuff melts!