Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just a bit on the breezy side...

...that it was.  Actually, quite windy, to be exact.

I spent a good portion of the day over caring for Johanna and Tracy Jo.  They're so fun...

My family loaded up 2 cows and my dad hauled them to the butcher shop in Linton this morning, then my mom and Jacob headed for Bismarck.  They came back with some funny stories to tell and also with a couple of neat things they found at a Thrift Store---Jacob's bargain being a bagful of ping-pong supplies that he bought for not quite $4 which, had the paddles and nets and balls been new, would have cost in the $80 range.  :)

Andrew and my dad then worked in the shop on projects.  They're trying to make room in the back of the shop to set up the large air-compressor that my dad bought at the consignment sale a few weeks back. 

This evening, we took some time to play a few rounds of "Funglish".  Fun?  Yes!


Jason Murphy said...

Hi Cora,
This is Jason.
I'm reading Little Women now. I read when Jo becomes a governess for two girls at a boarding house her mother's friend owns.
It reminded me of your babysitting Tracy Jo and Johanna.

I read your blog when I see it up on a computer, usually on Hristiyan's computer.

Cora Beth said...

Hello Jason! It was so good to hear from you. :)

I was just watching one of the movie versions of "Little Women" the other day while the girls were napping. :) That's neat that you thought of me when you read that part!

I hope you and your family are all doing well. Does Hristiyan have his own computer?

Thanks again and have a great Autumn,

Jason Murphy said...

Hi Cora,
We had a computer that didn't work and got a new one. Hristiyan saved the old one and has kept it ever since, but now it's starting to crash on him. It's kind of Hristiyan's computer. We all use it some of the time.

We ARE doing well. I got sick a while ago. I had a bad cough that we thought was going to turn into whooping cough. Now I know for sure I don't have the whooping cough, and Eric, Hristiyan and Mom are wrapping up on their whooping cough.