Friday, October 5, 2012

I guess I was wrong...

I can write here tonight...  The friends we thought might come this evening had something come up today, so they can't come until tomorrow.  However, one of our shoot instructors and his wife arrived from MN around 5:00, so we had them for supper and I'm loaning them my room because it's just too cold to be sleeping in a tent tonight....  

SO, I'm sitting on my makeshift bed (the couch), typing on Andrew's loaner laptop. 

It WAS such a busy day!!!   The guys got the light hung on the way top of the East swingset pole for our volleyball playing in the evenings.  :)  They also built the outhouse in the shop this afternoon, then set it up down by the range.  Hooray!

We were so glad to have Virginia M. come and help us all afternoon in the kitchen, as we wouldn't have got everything finished without her help!   

We made:
  •  Chicken pot pie (made the crust, cut up the potatoes, layered everything in a pan, topped with crust)
  • A large pot of chili  (I had boiled the beans and rinsed them several times this morning, then we fried the hamburger and added that, along with tomato sauce we ground up from fresh tomatoes)
  • Another large pot of potato soup with meatballs (Virginia chopped up all those potatoes and my mom made the little meatballs)
  • 8 loaves of banana bread (some with chocolate chips added, a few without)
  • A bowl full of glorified rice (whipped the cream, boiled the rice, added tropical fruits)
  • A bowl full of potato salad  (boiled the potatoes, mixed up the "sauce", peeled and cut the hard boiled eggs)
  • A fruit pizza (a sweet dough crust, with a cream cheese/honey/lemon juice topping, then we cut strawberries on top and added blackberries and peach jam!)
  • A zucchini cake (with chocolate chips on top)
  • A fresh batch of granola (which is still getting baked in the oven)
  • AND a fresh batch of salsa (tomatoes, peppers, onion, lime juice, salt and parsley)
As I said, our day was full!!! 

And now, let the fun begin~  :)

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Kimberly said...

Mmmmm! The food sounds delicious. I hope you have a great weekend.