Sunday, July 18, 2010

Farmer's Prayer~

I found the following amongst Grandma's things while we were going through pictures this afternoon... Prices the farmer gets for his product has gone up a bit since this was written obviously, but things cost more too, so this prayer still rings true.

"As farmers and ranchers, Dear God, give us wisdom and patience to understand why a pound of T-bone steak at $1.80 is high, but a 30 ounce cocktail at $2.20 is not.

And a 50 cent Coke at a ballgame is cheap, but the 20 cent glass of milk for breakfast is inflationary.

And lord, help me to understand why $5 for a ticket to the picture show is a bargain, but $3 for a bushel of wheat is unthinkable.

Cotton is too high at 65 cents a pound, but a $20 shirt is on sale for $18.95.

And corn is too steep at 3 cents worth in a box of flakes, but the flakes are just right at 50 cents a serving.

And also, Lord, help me understand why I have to give an easement to the gas company so they can cross my property with their gas lines, and then double my price on gas.

And Also, Dear God, help me to understand the consumer, who drives by my field and scoffs at me for driving a $30,000 tractor that he built, so he could make money and drive down that right-of-way they took from me to build a road on.

Thank you, God for your past guidance and help.

And please help me make sense of it all!"


Dawn Bornemann said...

Dear Cora,
What an awesome post! I pray that every person in this country would read it and begin to show some compassion for all that we grow through to try to provide top-quality food for them. I applaud your efforts towards that end.
Out to the barn,

Kimberly said...

As a daughter and sister of farmers I know these things and it just isn't right. I can always sympathize with the farmer. Many can not. They just think that farmers are rich. If they only knew! I appreciate and thank you farmers for providing us the food we enjoy. Thank you, Cora.

Anonymous said...

Wow, your grandmother prayed a mouthful there! As true today as it was in her time. Thanks for sharing it!

Dawn, Victoria BC