Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The storm~

This is an excerpt from the poem,
"The Storm" by Sharon Wunderle & Larry Flesner

"Something was brewing; it was sensed in the air

And it fueled our emotions to the level of fear.

The day had been windy and really quite warm

The ingredients needed in birthing a storm.

We should have suspected, in hindsight I guess

That nature gets ugly when showing her fist

The lightning and thunder of the midnight before

Brought hailstones like cannonballs knocking on doors

It was not until morning, in the light of the sun

Could we realize that damage and destruction was done

How could we know as we talked with our neighbor

That the hope brought by sunshine would be doused by more weather

Life plans can change in the blink of an eye

As the sunshine gave way to a darkening sky

The storm clouds grew darker and the rain came with fury

Sending people to shelter with panic and worry......"
Last night was such a night. We had high winds that bent the corn stalks over and there was thunder and lightning all over the sky. The rain gauge was holding over 2 inches of rain by morning. We were glad to have escaped the worst part of the storm however. When I went to work in town this afternoon, I learned of the destruction that was caused there by the baseball sized hail that came down on the town and surrounding areas! (I saw one of the balls that someone had put in the freezer to show to everyone...) Vehicles were dented and windshields broken. Gardens were shredded and trees were delimbed. I imagine the farmers fields aren't looking so well either..... But thankfully, it all happened in the night, when most everyone was tucked safely into bed.
Please join me in saying a prayer for those who now have new, unexpected burdens to deal with.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Cora, for sharing this burden with others. A joy shared is doubled but a burden shared is halved. Certainly many people, specifically farmers whose income depends on their crops, had their hopes dashed as a result of that storm. What a good reminder this is to pray for their needs.
Love always,

Kimberly said...

Oh...that's awful. I love storms but not the hail and the destruction they can do. Your fields were spared? I did pray for those who experienced this.

What a fitting poem, Cora. Blessings on your day.