Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is a farmer?

I said last night that my mother qualified as a good farmer's wife, and guess what? She's married to a great example of a farmer...

But to give you an idea of what a farmer is, if you are not one yourself, that is, I'll share the following article, (edited slightly) also found amongst Grandma's keepsakes, the article being written in 1975.

"What is a farmer?

In all this business, there are no other men just like farmers. Farmers are a diminishing class of specialists who do many things well. They come in all sizes, shapes, colors and ages.

Farmers are eternal optimists who expect that the next year will bring better conditions than the floods or droughts or freezes or insect infestations they may have endured every year in the past.

A farmer can keep a $5,000 machine working with a piece of baling wire, an off-size bolt, and the lid from an old tin can.

Farmers don't have 40-hour work weeks, don't need sleeping pills and don't like neckties or fast talkers.

Farmers witness the miracle of birth and the certainty of death and sense an order behind it all.

Farmers are men who teach their sons and daughters responsibility and workmanship while they are still quite young.

Farmers see the sunrise and walk alone under the stars, and they are strengthened by faith in God.

Farmers are patience in overalls waiting for the rain to stop, for seeds to sprout, or for a calf to be born.

Farmers are practical family men who are sincere and natural and don't try to appear as something they are not.

Farmers risk all the hazards of other businesses and, in addition, endure the uncertainties of weather, insects, disease and----politicians.

Farmers are persistence with a sun-bronzed face, starting again after a hail storm has wiped out a year's work.

Farmers are exhaustion with 326 bales that must be lifted and hauled to the barn after dark before lying down to rest.

Farmers are the kind of courageous, hard working, persistent, practical, fair minded men that other men imagine themselves to be.

Finally, farmers are the brunt of jokes, the whipping boy of editors, and the sacrificial lamb of (most) politicians.

In spite of all the criticism farmers get, an indication of what people really think is revealed in the fact that almost every man considers himself a farmer at heart."


Cora said...

The Cowboy (aka "Mr. Farmer") would love this post. :) I may have to steal it and show it to him.


Kimberly said...

Another good one!

The Krahns said...

Oh, how true! This describes my husband, and sons, perfectly! Enjoyed the farmwife post too.

Anonymous said...

Dear one,
I agree that this is a perfect discription of your papa. How he manages 2 off-farm buisinesses; plus runs our own farm; plus keeps his family happy; plus got you children started in farming is nothing but miraculous. How wonderful it is to sing his praises along with you!
Love always,

Rachel said...

Your piano looks so beautiful with all those lovely musical decorations around it! :)

Wow! What a nice article! I don't live on a farm, but I always admired farmers and their ability to save money so well and work so hard. :) It's not an easy Life I'd think with all that they have to look after! But, it does look like quite a happy and joyful life. :D

I was reading through the farmer's wife one to...whoa! I'd NEVER be able to accomplish most of those things! ;) Lol! Telling a steer from a that a boy and a baby? :S Lol!!!! I have no's like knowing cars...I have not a clue! ;) HaHa! I sometimes think farmers wives have more work to do than the men with all the work on the farm, plus caring for both children and home (and if you add to that homeschooling too!)...but I guess it's about even. :)

Love and Hugs!