Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long time, no post!

I'm still here, but the last couple days have been very full--and VERY late....

Independence Day evening found us at the rodeo and then watching the huge fireworks display until midnight. (Then we had an hours drive home. :) ) SO, I didn't post that night.

Then last night, I worked in town again and got home at 11:00, then joined my family and my mom's cousin and her son (who got here yesterday) around a campfire for another hour. SO, I didn't post that night either!

I won't be posting tonight either, as I'm working in town again until 10:30 and then need to get up early again to be the Dining Room Host there..... Then I'll have 5 days in a row with my family, so I'm looking forward to that!!!

Well, I'd best go press my clothes and eat something before heading to town in Old Faithful.

Have a blessed day and a great week~

Your busy friend


Cora said...

Well! You ain't been busy or nothin'! :)

Hope your day at work is going well!


Miss Jen said...

Blessings, dear! :)
It sounds like you have been busy and happy!

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Love~ Miss Jen