Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I just recently got home from working in town again and have been trying to think of something interesting to post, but am not coming up with anything much.

I could tell you about how one of the lady residents said she liked my skirt so much today that she is going to steal it sometime; or I suppose I could tell you how I was able to cheer up one of the residents by telling her of my mishap with the garden tiller--that being that I burnt the belt off because I let it idle while holding the neighbors' new baby (our neighbor had stopped in for just a few minutes...); or I could tell you about how hard it was to put a special lotion on a residents' feet, as she kept thinking I was going to tickle her toes, and tried pulling her feet back, but none of that may be of interest to you, so I think I'll just wish you all a good night once again; read some in my Bible; and get some sleep.

"Good night!"


Anonymous said...

Dearest daughter,
I think that EVERYTHING you write is interesting--especially when you write about your work in town as that is something that I know nothing about. I love the tickle her toes part as I can imagine that you did that a time or two for her to be suspicious of you. :)
How wonderful you are, dear dear Cora and, oh how I miss you when you're not here. Still, I must not be so selfish as to keep you all to myself anymore and I just KNOW that you are an IMMENSE blessing to not only the residents there, but also your co-workers. Please do keep humming while you work, for it is something that I know that I passed on to you and THAT makes me VERY happy. :)
Your happy-with-you mother
Mother B.

Rachel said...

Oh, I can't STAND it when people touch my feet! ;) Lol! It DOES tickle! :D Jessica likes to massage feet...she and my dad do it all the time, but I can't stand it. Just two seconds of it and I'm yanking my feet from her hands! ;)

Love and Hugs!

P.S. - You have such a dear sweet mama! :D I hope our families can meet someday so I can meet her (and the rest of your dear family too!). :) Hugs! It's a real shame we don't live closer. ;) I feel like having a nice long chat with you right about now. :)