Saturday, July 3, 2010

Have a wonderful day...

...enjoying the blessings of some freedom in this land we live in.

My family and I sang this during our home-fellowship time and I just wanted to share it with you as well.~

I'm off to bed, as I'm leaving early in the morning to spread some holiday cheer to the elderly in the nursing home. Then, when I return, it's off to the rodeo for my family and I. :)


*Wild Flower* said...

I think we will have a wonderful day tomorrow...

Going to Lake Michigan with cousins and dear Aunt and Uncle... we are going to go swimming and that is going to be super fun as it is supposed to be very hot tomorrow and nothing can beat jumping the waves in our Great Lake! I'll try to get pictures...

I have a hard time thinking "how wonderful our freedom is here in america." It makes me sad to think of all the war that went on to make this a "free" country. I am *very* thankful that we can worship the Lord and I know it is not that way in all countries but I can't really consider myself proud to be an american. My heart is so much for the people of other lands. It's kind of funny thinking of the freedom we have in this country when all this is going on with our kitchen :)

I loaded the video you put up but then when I clicked play I did it wrong and I would have had to reload it :) So, I did not listen to it- yet. Maybe latter!

I have never been to a rodeo and actually don't really goes on there but I hope you have fun!

Now, I need to get in bed!! We got a full load of hay this evening with our cousins Melissa, Paul and Nathan (and Uncle Tom) and our friends Mr. Scott, Olivia and Pricilla. It was so much fun and it went so fast! The guys are going to unload it tomorrow before breakfast and then after breakfast we are going to get 70 more bales that are still in the field... :) I love hay season especially with friends and family!

Good Night (I am very tired, I got up at somewhere around 5:30 because the market started at 8 today instead of 10 :)


Oh and have a great time with all those dear elderly people!

Miss Jen said...

Hope you had a wonderful 4th of July!

Blessings~ Jen