Friday, July 2, 2010

Hay day~

After the guys finished with hay around the farm here, and after our noon meal was over, my dad asked me if I'd come along and help with the hay on Fern's ground--seeing as I didn't have work in town today. :)

So, that left Mother with cleaning the house and preparing a feast and all, but the hay needs to get put up when the sun is shining.

AND THE SUN WAS SHINING TODAY! If you live in ND or read others' blogs from these parts, I'm sure you already know it was a hot day here on the prairie. When we were heading west to the hay field, we passed these cattle that were enjoying the pool of water in their pasture...
Andrew took off from the field we were at to head to the next field, as he was through with cutting afore mentioned field. :)
While our dad baled hay on the south side of the field, Jacob and I worked together to get the hay bunched; loaded; hauled; dumped and stacked up into a pile by an approach to the field.... Jacob drove the tractor all day,
and I drove the old faithful truck--piled high with 10 large square bales--close to the stack and dumped them off into a messy heap.
Later, (around 7:00)when Dad had to quit baling on account of the hay being too dry, he took over bale-stacking and Mom came and got Jacob and I to help with chores and with finishing some things in the house. Dad said there's now a total of 195 bales in that stack--many of which Jacob and I hauled in today and some of which were hauled up there yesterday...
What wonderful back-savers tractors are!

I had more pictures I wanted to share, but I've tried 3 times to load them and they just won't load. Perhaps I'll have time/desire to post more tomorrow? We'll see...
There's excitement in the air, in Jacob and Mother's air anyway, as it was decided today that they shall go to Georgia for a few days to take a class on a special farming technique. We children have never traveled very far, and my mom hasn't really either, so it's all very new to all of us. They reserved a little cabin at a place near by the farm where the class is; sent in their registration to the 3-day class; and now just need to book a flight for the end of July!
There's more excitement too, in that my mom's cousin may be coming to visit us for a few days next week. She hasn't been to the Dakotas for many years, and would like to visit family here and help us prepare for Grandpa's auction sale. (Her mother and my grandpa are brother and sister.) She still isn't sure if it all will work out or not, but I hope it does, as I know my mom and her have a lot in common, both being home school moms and health conscious and such....
So, that's what's happening around here.
And now, it is once again time for sleep. ~


Rachel said...

Wow! As a city girl, I am constantly amazed at how hard your family works there on your farm! :D And, that Jacob is allowed to drive the tractor! My brother's would be jealous. ;) HeHe!

So glad you all got so much work done! That's great!

Oh, I do hope your mom's cousin can visit! Sounds like it would be quite an enjoyable family time! :) And how fun that Jacob and your mom get to do some traveling! :D I've never traveled much ether...we've gone to a few nearby states (trips to PA are somewhat frequent with grandma living there). The farthest I've traveled was to Michigan for my cousins wedding. :) Jessica and I were junior brides maids (my grandmother/aunt payed for the trip). :) And we went to Virginia once for a family vacation before my dad lost his job and hurt his back. ;) So, that was all fun. :)

I hope you have a blessed 4th of July my dear! :D LOVE and HUGS!!!!!

Kimberly said...

Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures and write about your day. It is a especially busy time for you, I know. Your mom and Jacob's trip sounds so neat. Have a good rest today!

Cora said...

My brothers would be jealous of all your tractors. All 1,400 bales in our field got picked up by hand on Wednesday. :)

Good luck to the travelers!

I hope your mom's cousin can come!


Hannah said...

Hey Cora,
Remember that one puzzler elution thing you posted on your blog sometime in the winter? You know the people who bounce the balls and then that gorilla walks past??

My cousins are here and I REALLY want to show my cousin Nathan it... he likes stuff like that and is constantly boggling me :)

I am looking on your blog and will try to find it-- if you could reply back though-- maybe tonight??

They are staying till Monday though :)


Love ya!

Hannah said...

Oh I found it Cora!
And now Nathan went to bed :( :)

David said...

What sort of farming technique is being taught at the class that Jacob and your mom are going to? I like going to farm class/ conferences and was just wondering.
p.s How's the corn seed doing that I sent?