Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good night, good night, parting is such sweet...

...sorrow, but it's only short-lived, as I'll be back tomorrow, Lord willing. :)

I just got home from tucking many sleepy elderly people into bed for the last 3 hours. I got to work with two of the new girls, and we had quite a fun time, learning together from our mistakes or misfortunes (plungers come in really handy sometimes...) We got everything done in pretty good time even, so that was really nice.

On the home-front, lots of hay got raked; baled; hauled and stacked by my family members. 'Tis a busy time of year here!

Well, I shall bid you farewell for now and hit the hay.
Happy July, by the way~ When driving through town tonight, I kept hearing popping and crackling--people doing fireworks. :)


Hannah said...

Glad you had a good day. We did too- for the most part that is. It is a bit of a trial with all the complications we are having with our Kitchen. If you think of us please pray!

Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Fun background! :)
I am glad you had a fun day Cora!
This is such a nice time of year

Johanna said...

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