Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A little smattering of things...

I've had a cold for a few days.... I wasn't going to mention it, but I found the picture below this afternoon while reading another blog and thought it was most appropriate for how I've been feeling.

Thankfully, so far, the rest of my family has been able to keep "It" at bay.

It is so muggy tonight here in our little house, but is at last cooling down to where it may be comfortable to sleep tonight...

Our fellas worked on hay, hay, and more hay today. Jacob hauled bales in and stacked them all afternoon while the other two were cutting and baling on Fern's ground. I found the following poem last night while looking for one about summer, and thought it was most appropriate to post as we welcome in the month of July, and as we go about preparing feed for the cows for this winter! As for the shepherd and lying around, I don't know about that part. :)

The Shepherd's Calendar
by John Clare

July the month of summer's prime
Again resumes her busy time
Scythes tinkle in each grassy dell
Where solitude was wont to dwell.

And meadows they are mad with noise
Of laughing maids and shouting boys
Making up the withering hay
With merry hearts as light as play.

The very insects on the ground
So nimbly bustle all around
Among the grass or dusty soil
They seem partakers in the toil.

The very landscape reels with life
While mid the busy stir and strife
Of industry the shepherd still
Enjoys his summer dreams at will.

Mother had 3 sessions to do this afternoon, and I was working in town again this morning and early afternoon, so we just now finished our dishes and sat down to post while waiting for Dad and Andrew to get home so we can get their supper together.

We've lately had an invasion of ants in our dining room--they come in through the open patio-door. Mother learned a long time ago that cinnamon and Basic-H (separately or together) will deter ants, so we're giving it a fair trial.

Speaking of insects, I also saw the following question on a blog:

"Why didn't Noah swat those two mosquitoes?"

I wonder that about flies too, don't you? :)


David said...

A very good poem! As a scythe enthusiast I wish America could go back to this way of making hay. the part a bout the shepherd is okay, it was his job to watch the sheep, and he should never be called lazy.

Hannah said...

Oh, sorry to hear you are not feeling well!
Hopefully a good nights rest will do you good!

I like the poem. . .
That's our farm right now!

I LOVE doing hay! We are putting up some of our own with the scythe, but don't have enough fields to do it all. So, we are still doing what we have been doing for all the years we lived in the country.
Our friend Mr. Brimmer, bales hay and we pick it up out of the field- it's so much fun!

We might go out today but Mr. Brimmer's tractor isn't working, so we'll see :)

Oh yes, and Teasel is doing great :) she is such a smart lil' dog!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful poem, Cora! I wonder why we think it's wonderful that the insects scurry in the fields but NOT on our dining room floor?

Rachel said...

Aww, sweetie! I'm so sorry you aren't feeling well! :( Praying right now that you feel better today, that you get better REAL soon, and that your family doesn't catch "it".

Love the poem. :) I sometimes wish I could see how a farm works and all..just from reading books, it sounds like a LOT of work all the time but a good feeling of accomplishment every day. :)

Hope you are enjoying your summer so far! :) I need to write you a chatty email soon. ;) HeHe!

LOVE your new background! :D It's so fun and patriotic! :D Does your family do anything to celebrate the $th? :) We don't normally, I think mainly as Nathan's birthday is the following day, so that's when we kind of celebrate both. ;)

I agree about swatting the mosquitoes. ;) I also wish he'd gotten ticks and ants. :) Lol! We surprisingly haven't had any ant troubles this year. We had a bad case of it last year and they just kept coming at every little corner of the house! :P Soo glad we don't have that problem this year (not like we did anything different though to keep them out. Lol!). I hope your mom's idea keeps them away for you all! Ants sure are pesky! :(

I hope you feel better Cora!
Love and HUGS!!!!

Hannah said...

Oh love your background! Reminds me to change mine for the fourth!

Hannah said...

I forgot to say anything about your riddle-

I have heard the answer before or at least to a similar one. But I CAN'T THINK of it right now!

I know it has something to do with their being only 2- am I right?

Cora said...

Oooh, I missed this post! D-: Are you feeling any better today, my dear friend? I sure hope so!