Tuesday, June 8, 2010

So much is going on...

Dad and the boys went to a consignment farm-auction today and bought some treasures: a grain truck (it's a little older than the one we have now, so they tell me); a cultivator for parts; and a stock trailer (that's what I'm most excited about, as the one we have is in pretty sorry shape.)

Mother is now in the middle of the health class she's coordinating for her friend and teacher, Elizabeth. It's in Napoleon and the second half of the class will be tomorrow evening.

I did not get a chance to try any natural leaven things today, as I went to pick up our Azure order this morning in Dawson, and then I was helping my mom get the house cleaned up before Elizabeth came, and then I was off to work in town again. I'm so glad that I'll be staying home most of tomorrow so I can whip up some natural-leaven pancakes/waffles and bread!!!!!! Yummy! (Thank you, F. family for your kind and encouraging comments. :) Isn't it fun to learn together? )

Well, I shall leave you with a quote and then hop into bed, as I'm once again tired tonight. Helping to get 24 people ready for, and then into bed in about 3 hours time leaves you wishing you were soon going to bed too!

~There is no safer place than in the Father's hands.~

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