Friday, June 11, 2010

The Prairie Days schedule is out...

After some discussions back and forth with the Dagley family, the Prairie Day schedule is now out and is published on the P.D. website ( It's now only a week until the special event begins! How time does fly by....

I found a website a few weeks ago that showed how to do many old-time long-hair styles and, with Prairie Days just around the corner, I hope to have some time tomorrow to try to perfect one or two of them. :) If you're interested, you can visit Rapunzel's Resource HERE, and join me in experimenting.

This day was filled with cleaning the house and cooking good food in preparation for tomorrow--the day we rest and spend extra special time with God.

I have a joke to share with you soon--and a mystery picture, but as my computer battery is running low (a certain brother of mine is using my charger for his computer this evening.....), I'd best save those for another time.

Until then,


Miss Jen said...

Hope you are having a beautiful day,
Oh... I LOVE that Rapunzel hair site....
very neat!!

Love~ Miss Jen

Hannah said...

Oh I was just on Rapunzel's Resource! Actually Grace did the bandana waves last night :)
I don't know HOW that girl can do her hair so pretty like that :) I want to try some of those for sure!
Here is another site too that has some nice ways to do your hair (although I think I like Rapunzel's Resource better)

Well, David is telling me to get ready for the market and I think I should too (I don't like getting to market late any more than David :)