Saturday, June 5, 2010

Would you like to buy a house?

It's located in Eureka, SD--a little German town about 90 miles away from us.

This is my Grandpa's house, and he has decided to sell it and to stay in the Assisted Living where he's been living all winter and now spring. (I think he enjoys the meals they cook up for him there. :) )

My grandparents had this house built when my mom was a little girl. It has a spring in the back yard, so it's really easy to water the trees and garden and such...
There's also a good sized storage shed that goes with the place...
And this is the view you'd have from your living room window...
And the best part of all--the apple trees!!!!!
I know buying a house is probably not on your agenda though, so I'll show a picture of some of the work that has been accomplished in the last few days by my uncle and aunt, and today by us:
It's a lot of work sorting through tons of things, but it was interesting too, I thought, kind of like a treasure hunt, not knowing what you'd find next. We found some great books and, as the auctioneer told my uncle and aunt that books don't sell well at sales, we brought several of them home. On our journey back to our farm, I read some stories from a book called, "His Mysterious Ways", a collection of amazing stories (from old Guideposts) of what miracles the Lord has done for people. There was one lady who was driving home from work one night, in very dense fog, on a narrow gravel road that had steep ditches and a stream running by in places. She was nervous and prayed for God to help her see. She then noticed some tail-lights ahead of her and got a little closer and saw it was a tow-truck, pulling an orange pickup--whose lights she saw. She followed the vehicles closely, expecting them to have to turn off though to head for a service station. But, the truck and pickup in tow continued on past the place where they would have had to turn. Finally, they pulled into the lady's driveway--a dead end road. The lady was so thrilled, she got out of her vehicle to thank them, but then, she couldn't find them. There was no way they could've turned around and gone by her without her noticing and they were not in front of her. They had just disappeared..... :)
Back to today though.
Someone found some old hats...
... :)
I also found two pretty old-time hats of my grandmas', but those are still packed away in the van, so I can't take pictures of them yet...
It was a long, (emotional for some,) day and the frogs are singing a lullaby, so I'll wish you all a good night, once again.


Rachel said...

Aww, what a sweet house your grandparents lived in! :D Oh, and to have apple trees and a spring right in your backyard! And that view!! :D Okay...I'm moving in! ;) Lol!

I remember looking through my grandmother's things before she moved in with my aunt. :) Lot's of good memories and treasures to be found. :)

HaHa!!!! Ah, your brothers are great. ;) Very funny pictures. :D

Love and Hugs dear! :)
Hope you had a blessed Sunday today. :)
~Rachel P.~

Anonymous said...

You should hang on to those hats- your brothers look nice in them and if they really like them, they should wear them even if they appear to be "out of style"- this is how styles are kept going... I can't wait to see the hats you found. Does that German town have any traditional German bakeries?

Rachel said...

Hello Cora!

Your Grandfathers house looks lovely - wish I could say that we're moving over and will buy it! :)
I'm glad to hear that your grandpa seems to be settling in to his new home.

Thank you for sharing about the lady driving home and following the tail-lights - truly our God is a present help in time of trouble!! I would love to read that book - "His Mysterious Ways".

Have a blessed week.
Lots of love,