Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh sweet prairie days...

These last two days have been so fun and refreshing for Mom, the boys, and I! I have many, many pictures to share and lots to write, but for now, I'm going to get some sleep....

If you would, please pray for my dad's back to be healed soon. It hurt so bad (from twisting wrong while lifting a calf when we were moving cattle) that he decided to stay home these last two days and just rest--after seeing the chiropractor, of course. He said it's a little better tonight, but if you'd join me in praying for a quick recovery, that would be very much appreciated.

Until tomorrow~


Rachel said...

Dear Cora
I trust that your dad's back will soon be better!
Hope you have a good nights rest- (I see you published your post 28 minutes ago)- here the sun came up a short while ago and the day has begun! :)
God bless you.
With prayers and love,

Hannah said...

Glad you had a pleasant time there Cora :)
I'm looking forward to pictures!

I will be praying for your Dad. Could you please pray for my Grandpa as well? He is in CCU and right at this minute they are taking him off the respirator to see how he breaths on his own-- it could go either way.
It is very difficult for Daddy as he wants to be down there with his Dad but he is not able to right now. Also my Aunt Terri lives in NC so she is not here either.
Thank you!

Hannah said...

Dear Cora,
I have a confession to make. . .

After I drew the winner of to my giveaway I remembered that I forgot to give you an extra entry for being the first to comment :( I am so sorry! But I was kind of glad it was you who was the first one because I knew you would understand :) And you do, I hope?

Also, did you see the post I did yet about our new dog?? She is so cute!

Oh, and Grandpa was taken off the respirator and is breathing on his own although he is still sedated- at least that was the last we heard. We are praying that things will only get better from here!
Thanks for any prayers on his behalf!

Hannah said...

I know you are working on your post right now Cora ;) am I right?
I saw a few pictures on your Mother's blog and she said you are going to be posting more-- I'm going to read a bit before falling asleep, if I don't zonk off while reading I'm sure I'll check back here ;D haha
Or I will in the morning :)
Good Night!