Friday, June 25, 2010

Buy one, get...

...3 free! So goes it in the snail department....

I'll try to get a "Real" post done tomorrow sometime.~


Miss Grace Elizabeth said...

Oh Wow Cora! You wrote a 81 letter long post! Good for you! Keep it up! I am looking forward to the next post!
Good night

Hannah said...

Oh my! Wow!

Hannah said...

Ah, me sista was tired when she wrote that comment.
(That's how she talks late at night.) I, on the other hand, laugh late at night. (I never said she doesn't).
By the way, we REALLY liked the skit you did at Prairie Days! I loved that last part- - you sounded just like Rebecca when you laughed and ran away!
Time to go home from the Marcato!

Hannah said...

Youtube, Miss Curious! :D
I'm the tired one now- - want me to laugh?

HahaHAhaHAHAHAHAHAHhaheeeeeOHHHHhahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhh...... uh!uh!uh!hahahahahahahah HAHAHA!