Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Picture post coming soon--hopefully!

I was going to post a bunch of out-door pictures I took today, but blogger is slow tonight and I'm tired, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow I guess.

For a quick review of the day: Many seeds/plants went in the ground; Mother had clients in her new office this morning; the big disc is out of the mud now; the little kitty didn't get stepped on during milking (just almost); we have bread in the house again; and my new watch batteries came today--the ones that it cost less to buy 10 of on-line (and to pay for them to be shipped here) than it would have cost to get 1 at the store...

Happy June everyone!

And the thought for today:
"Thank God for regular days. There are far too few of them." ~Gloria Gaither


Sarah H said...

I can't wait for the pic's

Anonymous said...

Another day to do... I would like to hear about how it is to have your mother away in an office... is this something you like... I am a mother of age 48 and considering a small position nearby and wonder how it will be if I employ myself for a few hours outside of my normal sphere for the past 25 years... maybe your Mom has always worked a job outside the home... I don't know. If you feel more comfortable e-mailing me about your thoughts, I would prefer that to commenting back and forth... its important to me to know what you are thinking... and not to say what is happening is not a good thing... God has all of you in His grip and is perfecting all that concerns you.